Prom Dresses

Prom Dresses

Prom Dresses


So, you want to find prom dresses that no one else has. But, you don’t want to spend so much $$$ it hurts. Well, good news, girl! You’ve come to the right place. Danelle’s is the #1 prom store in Colorado because we’re DIFFERENT. We’re UNIQUE, just like you. When you find your prom dress here, we register the gown at your school. That’s right, we don’t sell any gown to the same school twice! So at your prom, you won’t have to run into anyone else who picked the same dress. Be prepared to answer the question: “WHERE did you get that prom dress?!”


Here at Danelle’s, we believe finding a prom dress should be fun. Our prom line, Adore By Danelle’s, features dozens of most-wanted designers like Madison James. We’re even featured in Seventeen Prom Magazine! At prom, you gotta dress to impress, and you’re sure to do just that with us. Our 2019 prom designs are fun, flirty, glamorous, elegant, and everything in between. You can go full-on glam with all-over sequins, or simply beautiful with a sleek silhouette. The possibilities are endless at Danelle’s, and you’re sure to feel like a prom QUEEN.


For our girls going to prom in Pueblo: you’ll love our boutique with all of our amazing prom gowns to choose from! And for our ladies going to prom in Pueblo: our outlet store is THE best place to find the latest looks for less.


Other prom store in Colorado sell prom gowns for hundreds and hundreds of dollars! We agree with you, and we think it’s totally possible to find an amazing prom gown without breaking the bank. That’s why we pick the absolute best prom gowns at reasonable prices. Ready to slay Prom 2019? We’re ready to help you do that 🙂 Come see us in Pueblo – and hurry in, the best styles always go first!


Prom is one of the biggest nights of the year, and we love to celebrate with you! Finding your prom dress should be a party in itself. So bring all your best friends in to Danelle’s Boutique, and find your prom dresses together! We’re a must-visit place on your prom dress search.


We have a lot of visitors for prom season, so hurry over and find your perfect look with us ASAP. Because we don’t sell any prom gown to the same school twice, all the most-wanted looks go fast!


Need a tuxedo for your date? We have those too, and in all different colors so you can match for all your cute pictures together. So, send him over to Danelle’s too! (Or, you could even shop for prom WITH your date all in the same place for a really good time.)


What are you waiting for? This prom, choose DIFFERENT, and choose Danelle’s! Visit our Pinterest and Instagram pages for more prom style inspiration.

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