How to choose the perfect bridal veil for your wedding

Bride Jessica wears a long simple veil with her gown from Danelle’s Bridal. Photo by Steph Pollock

A veil is a classic bridal accessory that can take your wedding gown to the next level! But how do you pick one? Here at Danelle’s, we have dozens of veil styles to choose from, and our expert stylists have put together some tips about how to pick the veil that best fits your personal wedding style.

Veils were originally worn by brides as a symbol of protection and purity, and many brides will pass on their wedding veils as family heirlooms. Whether you want something simple and classic or bold and modern, your veil will likely be one of your wedding details that you will cherish for years to come!

Here are some things to consider when you choose your bridal veil:

  • the style and theme of your wedding
  • the silhouette of your wedding gown
  • the veil length that will make you feel most comfortable when walking down the aisle
  • the color of your wedding dress
  • your wedding day hairstyle

Typically, brides choose veils that are the same color as their wedding dress. For example, if you choose an ivory wedding gown, Danelle’s Bridal stylists suggest choosing an ivory veil to create a streamlined look for your big day. However, if you are wearing an antique veil, feel free to bend the rules a little. Heirloom veils are all about their uniqueness, so it doesn’t need to match your dress perfectly!

Our stylists also recommend balance when it comes to choosing a veil. If your gown is embellished and detailed, a simple veil may better showcase the unique style of your wedding dress.