6 signs you’re ready to say YES to the dress

Picture this: you’re in a gorgeous bridal shop, trying on dozens of beautiful wedding dresses. All of them are pretty, but which one is THE one? As bridal stylists with years of experience in the bridal industry, we’re able to recognize the telltale signs. The most important thing is that you feel happy, comfortable, confident, and beautiful. And usually, those feelings shine through. As long as you go into wedding dress shopping ready to fall in love with a wedding dress, you’re off to a great start. But, we know, this stuff can be a whirlwind. Sometimes, you just need a little guidance during your wedding dress shopping experience! That’s what we’re here for. So, we’ve compiled some of our favorite ways to know you’re ready to say YES to your wedding dress.



Danelle's Bride Maria sayes yes to the dress with her family. Wedding dress shopping at Danelle's Bridal Boutique in Colorado Springs, the best bridal shop in Colorado.

Photo credit to one of our #DanellesBrides, Maria Keppler


You can picture yourself in that dress on your wedding day.

  • Sometimes, you’ll try on a gown during your bridal appointment and love it, but something feels off. And, guess what?! That is totally fine! When you find the right dress, you can effortlessly envision yourself on your wedding day in that dress. Whether you’re picturing yourself walking down the aisle to your partner, or dreaming of your first dance – it just makes sense! Trust us, it’s a real feeling. And you’ll feel that feeling in the right dress for you.


It feels like falling in love again.

  • It’s totally blissful and overwhelming, feels a little like magic, and it can happen when you least expect it. Everyone says it, but it’s true! Sometimes, it’s a gown you would have never expected. Or, it’s the very first dress you try on. While wedding dress shopping, anything is possible! But as soon as you feel that warm fuzzy in-love feeling, you’re definitely on the right track. Even if you’re not a super emotional bride, you definitely recognize this feeling. After all, you are getting married! So, chances are, you know the feeling of love super well by now.


Bride Danielle poses with her friends and family after saying YES to the dress while wedding dress shopping at Danelle's Bridal Boutique in Colorado Springs, Colorado.

Bride Danielle poses with friends and family after saying yes to her perfect dress at Danelle’s Bridal Boutique in Pueblo!


You feel like YOU.

  • A wedding gown is the most self-expressive item of clothing you’ll ever put on. It’s a symbol of your love and your life leading up to this moment. Do you love one gown, but another one feels more expressive of your own personal style? Does your dress have elements of things you love to wear on an everyday basis? Well, those are some great signs this dress could be the one for you! Every bride has her own unique style, which makes this such a fun adventure!


You don’t want to take the dress off.

  • Yep, you look great, and you know it. The dress feels amazing on, you can’t stop smiling, and you can’t stop looking at it in the mirror! As soon as we hear the words “I don’t want to take this off,” we have a good feeling this might be your dress! You’ll feel like your most beautiful self. You feel confident, secure, and excited. THAT’S the feeling we’re going for.


Cheyeanne says yes to her wedding dress with the support of her mom at Danelle's Bridal Boutique in Colorado Springs!

Bride Cheyeanne and her mom celebrate her YES to the dress moment at Danelle’s Bridal Boutique!


You have ALLLLLLL the feels.

  • Not every bride will cry. But sometimes, you just have to let all the happy tears flow. Maybe it’ll be one of your guests that cries. Or, maybe you’ll just feel all the happiness in the world. Because you found your dress! Wedding dress shopping is EXCITING. We know. We’re excited too. We cry sometimes too when our brides find their dresses. Let’s face it, this is a super emotional experience! So we just gotta embrace it.


You just know.

  • Alright, we know this one sounds a little cliche. But honestly, sometimes you just have that gut instinct that this is the dress you’re meant to wear on your wedding day. You feel extremely confident and secure in your decision, because nothing could possibly beat this one! At that point, you’re good to go. Rest assured, if you feel this feeling, that’s your dress. Now, it’s time to celebrate! (Yes, we have champagne.)