3 secrets every bride should know before her bridal appointment

Wedding dress shopping is so exciting! You’ve booked your bridal appointment, which means you’re about to find the gown you’ve always dreamed of. It’s the gown you’ll wear while you walk down the aisle, and while you marry the love of your life! So, the process should be a great memory in itself. Here at Danelle’s, we are all about making sure your wedding dress shopping experience is the best it can possibly be. But, before your bridal appointment, there are some things you should know! We’ve compiled a list of our favorite tips from our expert bridal stylists to guide you through the process.

  1. Bring your best supporters. While you’re trying on wedding dresses, you’ll want to be surrounded by people who support you, who love you, and who put YOUR best interest first. The goal is to find the wedding gown that makes you feel your absolute best and most beautiful. It’s always helpful to have advice and input from the people you love. But, you want to make sure they’re most interested in what makes YOU the happiest. Whether it’s your mom, dad, future in-laws, best friend, aunt, grandma, or the whole gang, just bring who makes you feel most supported and loved! You can find the gown of your dreams at any time. So, trust us, it’s so important to have the people with you who you most want to share that magical moment with.
  2. Know your budget. Here at Danelle’s, we know every bride deserves a gorgeous wedding gown, regardless of her budget. Be real with your stylist on how much you’re willing to spend, because she will be able to show you unbelievably beautiful options within your price range. There’s nothing worse than falling in love with a gown that you know you can’t afford. So, familiarize yourself with a budget, stick to it, and let that moment happen! (We have so many great options at Danelle’s Bridal to help you save money.)
  3. Be ready to fall in love. This is the absolute most important piece of advice we can offer all of our beautiful brides! We’ve seen it many times: You can find your gown when you least expect it. It might even be the very first one you try on! So, do whatever it takes to be prepared for that moment. You might want to bring along some high heels, lipstick, or shapewear to get the full effect. Bring along what makes you feel your most beautiful. And, just know, finding your perfect wedding dress is a truly magical, unforgettable moment. It’s just like falling in love! You’re looking for that perfect combination of confidence, comfort, and joy. When you know, you know!

Get excited, beautiful bride! You’re about to find your wedding dress. We know, a bridal appointment may seem a little intimidating, especially if you’ve never tried on wedding gowns before. But we are 100% here for YOU and we promise that as long as you’re shopping with us, you’re going to have an awesome experience. We can’t wait to meet you and to be a part of your special wedding story!